Reading Studies for Guitar (Berklee/Leavitt)

Posted on 22 April 2021

I can read music fairly well in lower positions, but I'm slow when things go higher up on the neck. I decided that I want to fix that, so I picked up some more guitar books by William Leavitt:

  • Reading Studies for Guitar
  • Advanced Reading Studies for Guitar
  • Classical Studies for Pick Style Guitar

It looks like the books on reading studies have about 120 pages of sheet music to read with a good variety of keys and positions. The book on classical studies isn't as much for sightreading, but I was curious.

Modern Method for Guitar Finger Choices

While waiting for my books to arrive, I flipped through his Modern Method for Guitar book (volumes 1-3) again to look for sight reading material for electric guitar. In the position II section, I found an arpeggio study (page 61) with some odd fingerings that I didn't understand. It seems like the book prefers you to roll the flat of your fingers on strings instead of moving hands to the optimal position to play with fingertips.

I penciled in an alternate fingering in my book that is easier for me to play and puts less strain on my hands. This is how I'm playing it (different from the book).

Arpeggio study

If you have the book, try both fingerings and let me know what you think. I'm wondering if the book has a good reason for choosing the other fingering.