Major Scale Patterns on Guitar

Here are some 1-octave major scale patterns for guitar. The number represent fingers. See the blog post for details.

The names of the patterns have two numbers: the number of the string, and the number of the starting finger for that position. So 6/1 means the pattern that starts on the 6th string where the root is played with the 4th finger.

2/2 and 2/4 aren't shown due to the limitations of the diagrams. They are easy enough to figure out at a guitar though.







4/2 (ext. 6/1)

4/4 (ext. 6/2)

3/1 (ext. 6/4)

3/2 (ext. 5/1)

3/4 (ext. 5/2)

Note: On the 3/4 pattern, I use a descending fingering of 4-3-1-1 on the first string.

More music tools coming soon.